the terroir

the vineyard

Our vines are planted on two terroirs :

  • The clay-limestone plateau :
    This is the extension of the Saint Emilion and Puisseguin plateau, but at a higher altitude. The plateau culminates at 117 m (second highest point in Gironde). Our vines are situated between 100 and 106 m in altitude.
    Calcisols and medium thick calcosols on hard limestone (upper Oligocene).
  • The slopes :
    Our vines are situated between 58 and 90 m altitude, on the limestone scree of the plateau.

    Clayey-silty Calcosols on clayey-silty molasses and sandy-clayey on sandy tuffs.

Our two terroirs are among the latest in Saint Émilionnais, which allows us to preserve a very nice freshness in the wines.

three communes

  • Puisseguin
  • Saint Cibard
  • Francs

two appellations

  • Castillon (red)
  • Francs (red et white)

red varieties

  • Merlot : 80 %
  • Cabernet franc : 5 %
  • Cabernet sauvignon : 15 %

white varieties

  • Sémillon

The vines are planted at densities ranging from 5000 to 6200 vines/ha.

The surface of the vineyard is 8,5 ha, including :

  • 6,5 ha in appellation Castillon – red
  • 1 ha in appellation Francs – red
  • 1 ha in appellation Francs – white