chateau terrasson

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classic bordeaux range

Our main wine is “Château Terrasson”.

It is a classically vinified red wine, which reflects our Bordeaux terroir and our know-how.

It is made from the classic grape varieties of our region: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Half of the wine is matured in Austrian wooden casks, and half in tank.

It is a wine that can be drunk a few months after bottling, and which will have a very good ageing potential (tastings in the cellar and our terroir allow us to confirm this right now !)

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20 € TTC

oxymore range

Alongside our Bordeaux range, we also make « free expression » wines from the same terroir, with different vinifications, which give wines of a very particular style.

An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory words with opposing meanings. On our typical Bordeaux terroir, we create wines that go against Bordeaux classicism.

We have developed our Oxymore in white Oxymore and orange Oxymore. And we are still thinking about our red Oxymore which should be released soon.

Ce vin blanc est fait uniquement à partir de Sémillon. Le pressurage est long avec une petite presse verticale. Il y a donc un peu de tanins, ce qui fait que c’est plus un vin de texture que d’arôme.

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22 € TTC

Depuis 2009, nos vins oranges sont « orange clair ». C’est-à-dire qu’il y a une présence tanique légère et élégance. Je ne suis que rarement fan des vins « orange foncé » avec beaucoup de tanins et d’amers.

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25 € TTC

sustainable packaging

  • The bottles are made of glass and are as light as possible: 450g for the 75cl
    We have chosen bottles made less than 30 km from our place

  • The corks are made of natural cork with no plastic components inside

  • The cardboard packaging is the same colour as the cardboard, so it is not bleached
    We have chosen to print on the cardboard with the minimum of ink (1 side only instead of 2, without large areas, with mainly black ink which is the recycling of all the other colours)