the farming

natural and organic farming

No synthetic products is used. We also use plant-based preparations (phytotherapy). We use nettle for its revitalising action, horsetail, willow… Most of these plants are collected around our vineyards. When preparing them, we always try to respect their redox potential to keep them as vital as possible. Each plant has its own specific treatment.

biodynamic farming

We use all the biodynamic preparations. That’s where the controversy and the weird stuff comes in : cow dung buried in a horn for six months, a way of turning the water back and forth…

My vision is first to focus on the result : soil fertility is improving. Secondly, our critical mind is constantly trying to explain. It seems to me that a scientific explanation is already coming in small steps, but that the scientific consensus will take time to arrive. And my artistic mind confirms the idea that many things are made because they seem beautiful, without being able to explain it. There are several ways of accessing knowledge : the way through the intelligence and the way through the senses. I like to walk along both paths.

ecological farming

We take into account the whole environment of our vineyards and our house. We try to stabilise bat populations with nesting boxes, we have an apiary, we always seek to reduce our pollution by reflecting on all of our practices and we are working to move closer to the autonomy of the agricultural organism.

integral ecology

We state loud and clear that we refuse an ecological vision of nature in which man should not be, nor interfere. We affirm that man is at the centre of nature, that it is an integral part of it. In this respect, it must be respected as much as nature. It is therefore of the utmost importance to take good care of all the human beings we come into contact with every day. It is even our daily happiness !